Principal Compositions with Links to Audio and Video

Rubayat, song for voice and cello, (1958) Premiere:  David Barnea; cello Maria Buday, voice.  Tel-Aviv, 1959.

Twelve Monophonic Dances for any wind instrument (1958).

Variations for 2 flutes (1960).  Prm:  Alice Cogan, Nancy Jerome, Brandeis University, 1964.

Mishnayot for solo voices and choir (1961).

Psukey Dezimra for solo voices and choir (1961).

The Chain of Proverbs (1962), cantata for youth.  American premiere:  UWM Chamber Choir, Eldon Balko, conductor, 1974.

Music for Piano (1962).  Prm:  Miriam Schaechter, Jerusalem, 1964. Numerous performances in Israel, U.S. and Scandinavia; various radio broadcasts.

Spheres for soprano and 10 instruments (1963).  Prm:  Phyllis Brynjulson, voice, Melvin Straus, conductor, Tanglewood Festival, 1965. Text: Yehuda Amichai

Permutations for solo percussion (1964).  Prm:  Joel Thome, Philadelphia, 1966. Numerous subsequent performances.  Brazilian premiere with Jose Carlos da Silva, 1980.

Incantations for voice, keyboard, and interior piano (1964).  Prm:  Valorie Lamoree, voice, Carl Berkey, piano, Boston, producer, WMVS-TV Milwaukee for national distribution with Lee Dougherty, voice, and Glenn Holmer, piano. Text: W.H.Auden

Statement for flute (1964).  Prm:  Amos Eisenberg, New York, 1965, Tel-Aviv, 1968. Additional performances with Israel Borouchoff  and others.

Interconnections for 14 instruments (1965).  Prm:  J. Canarina, conductor Tanglewood Festival, 1965.

Random Rotated for 4 wind instruments (1965).

Foregroundmusic for 6 instruments and speaker, for a poem by A. Ginbsberg (1965).

Two Fragments for violin and piano (1966).  Prm:  Robert Koff, violin, George Zilzer, piano, Brandeis University, 1966. Numerous performances since, including violinist Paul Zukoffsky and Abram Loft.  TV recording with Thomas Moore, violin, and Howard Karp, piano.  Radio broadcasts in Israel and Voice of America.  Choreographed by Alcine Wiltz.

Electronic Music (1964-65).  “Study #1,” “Study #2,” “Study #3,” and “A Phonomontage pour Therese.”   Performances in Boston, Tel-Aviv, Athens, Urbana, Illinois, and radio.

Continuum for piano Op. 15 (1966).  Prm:  Sarah Fukson, Tel-Aviv, 1968.  U.S. Performances with pianist William Heiles.

Mirkamim, textures of sound for large orchestra, (1967).  Selected in competition for performance in the 1968 Gaudeamus International Festival.  Prm:  Utrecht Symphony, Paul Hupperts, conductor, Holland, 1968.

Mutatis Mutandis for 6 players (1968).  Prm:  Israel Festival, D. Shalit, conductor, 1968. Selected in competition for the 1969 ISCM International festival in Hamburg and performed by the Music Viva Pragaensis, Z. Vostrak, conductor, Hamburg, 1969. Radio and TV broadcasts in U.S., Germany and Israel.  Performed by the Contemporary Chamber Players, Arthur Weisberg, conductor, 1974, Pro Musica Nova under the composer’s direction, Milwaukee, 1973, and a number of other performances.

Wraphap a theatre piece for actress, amplified aluminum sheet and Yannaychord (1969). Prm:  University of Illinois, Urbana, 1969.  Other performances include:  National Opera Association 15th Annual Meeting, Evanston, Illinois, 1969, and Western Michigan University, 1972.

Per Se chamber concerto for violin and 7 instruments (1969).  Prm:  Esther Glazer, violin, Easley Blackwood, conductor, on an ISCM concert, sponsored by the Fromm Foundation, Chicago, 1970.

Coloring Book for the Harpist (1969).  Prm:  Mario Falcao, Fredonia, N.Y., 1973.

Houdini’s Ninth, a theatre piece for a Double Bass and Escape Artist (1969).  Prm: Chris Byrne, University of Illinois, Urbana, 1970.  Additional performances with David Phillips and others.  (See film version below.)

Coheleth, environment with mobile choir, microphones, wireless microphones and voice controlled filters (1970).  Prm:  University of Illinois Choral at Urbana, Illinois, the composer directing.  Electronic design:  Jaap Spek.

Dawn for mixed choir (1970).  Prm:  The Ineluctable Modality, Edwin London, conductor, on the Festival of the Arts in this Century, Hawaii, 1972.

preFIX-FIX-sufFIX for bassoon, horn and cello (1971).  Prm: Robert Thompson, bassoon, Basil Tyler, horn, and Alice Mayes, cello

Squares & Symbols, Exits and Traps for keyboard and 1 to 3 wind and/or strings (1971). Prm:  Monte Perkins, bassoon, Y. Yannay, piano, (1971).  Performances at Composers Theatre in NYC, 1973.  Included in the repertory of  James Fulkerson, trombone, and Stephen Montague, piano, for European concert tour.

Concerto for Audience and Orchestra, with audience operated portable radios (1971). Prm:  Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, the composer conducting, Milwaukee, 1971.

The Urbana (IL) Christal Lake Park Gathering (1968) for any number of mallet players.

Autopiano or Piano minus Pianist for an actor and piano(1969). Prm:  composer, 1976, on Music from Almost Yesterday series.

The Vestibule Peep-In-Pipe-Out (1970) installation with FM transmitter and portable radios.  Prm:  Travalogue Concerts at Urbana, Illinois, 1970.

Departure for 9 voices and 5 instruments (1972).  Prm:  see Dawn above. Text:  Arthur Rimbaud.

Bug Piece with live insect notation (1972).  Prm:  Milwaukee Fresh Music Fare, 1972. Additional important performances:  Dartmouth Festival, Cincinnati (2), and Stockholm (on Fylkingen New Music series).

Houdini’s Ninth – a film.  Black and white and color, 16 mm film with original sound track.  Produced in collaboration with Emory J. Clark (1973).  Prm:  Milwaukee, 1974.  Selected by the American Center in Tokyo (U.S. Information Service) for a representative concert of new music from the U.S., 1975.  Brazilian premiere in 1980.

Seven Late Spring Pieces for piano (1973).  Written for Howard Karp.  Prm:  Arthur Tollefson at the composer’s Theater Festival in NYC, 1974.  Many subsequent performances by various pianists.  Ballet version by Anna Nassif, 1977. Orchestral version composed in 1979.  European performances by Steven Smith, 1981, 1984.

At the End of the Parade six poems by William Carlos Williams for baritone and six players (1974).  Prm:  Composers Forum in New York, Philadelphia Composers Forum ensemble, Joel Thome, conductor, touring nationally with the work, 1966-67.

A Noiseless Patient Spider for women;s choir or eight solo voices a cappella((1975). Text:Walt Whitman, Prm: Vocal ensemble, Robert Porter, cond., Milwaukee, 1976

Attic Songs and Betweens electronic music for dance (1975).  Prm:  Susie Bauer Dance Co. choreography by Anna Nassif for dancer Danny Grossman Williams.

American Sonorama music for a ballet by Anna Nassif (1975-76).  Prm:  American Dance Guild National Conference at MIT in Cambridge (1976).  Many subsequent performances.

The Decline and Fall of the Sonata in B-flat, a musicule for actors and pianists (1970-76). Prm:  Hartley House Theater on off-off Broadway (1978) Robert Engstrom, director.

The Hidden Melody (Nigun Ha-ganuz) for cello and French horn (1977).  Prm: George Sopkin and Barry Benjamin on Music from Almost Yesterday Concert, 1977.  Composition prize (2nd) at the G.B.Viotti International Competition in Vercelli, Italy (1969).  Version for cello and trombone.  Prm:  Michael Svoboda and Scott Roller, Stuttgart, 1985.

Five Songs for Tenor and Orchestra, (1976-77).  Prm:  Music for Youth Orchestra in Milwaukee, Bernard Rubenstein, conductor, Daniel Nelson, tenor, 1978. Text:  W.C. Williams.  Milwaukee Symphony, Lukas Foss, conductor, 1981.

Three Michael and Nancy pieces for dancer and percussion (1978).  Written for Michael and Nancy Udow.  Prm:  Vilas International Symposium of Time, Rhythm and Percussion at UWM, 1979.

Charcoal and Pastel Music 1 to 52 (1979.  Visual music in form of a series of drawings.

Seven Late Spring Pieces for Orchestra (1979)  Prm:  National Festival of the American Society of University Composers in Memphis, TN, in 1980.  Robert Griffith, conductor.

Genesis Music for dance by Anna Nassif (1979).  Prm:  Clyde Morgan, dancer, 1979.

Milwaukee Brew Project Environmental tape composition on sounds of Milwaukee (1979).  Prm:  “Art and Industry” exhibition, Marquette University, 1979.

Tombeau de Satie in memory of Thomas Trobaugh (1979).  Prm:  UWM Chamber Choir, Robert Porter, conductor, 1979.

Le Campane di Leopardi for mixed choir and tuned glasses (1979).  Text:  Giacomo Leopardi.  Prm:  Madrigal Ars Nova, Santos, Brazil, 1980.  Composer, conductor. Finalist, Festival of Contemporary Choral Music Composition, Bowdoin College, 1982.

Concertino for Violin and Chamber Orchestra (1980).  Prm:  Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra, Piotr Janowsky, violin, David Crosby, conductor, Madison, Wisconsin, 1980.

Brazilian Birdwhistle Event (1980).  Prm:  Joe Celli and composer at Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT,  1980.

Eros Reminisced, songcycle for singer/pianist (1981).  Text:  Cavafy.  Prm:  Lee Dougherty, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1981.

All Our Women, chamber opera in one act (1981).  Text:  Yehuda Yannay.  Prm:  UWM Music Theater, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1981.

Trio, for clarinet, cello and piano (1982).  Prm:  R. Fruh, clarinet, C. Bez, cello, C. Morgan, Piano, Stuttgart, 1983.

Three Jazz Moods, for solo trumpet and saxophone, and chamber ensemble with rhythm section (1982).  Prm:  The Milwaukee 20th Century Ensemble, Pavel Burda, conductor, 1983.

Im Silberwald, for trombone, glass harmonica, and tape (1983).  Prm:  Michael Svoboda, trombone, Y. Yannay, glass harmonica, Stuttgart, 1983.

Nine Branches of the Olive Tree, for recorders, bass clarinet, guitar and percussion (1984).  Prm:  Edward Gogolak, recorders, Madison, Wisconsin, 1984.

Between the Raindrops for solo guitar (1984).

Jidyll, music for a film for synthesizers (1984)

Jidyll, a film with music (1984-90).  Created with Richard Blau with visual design by Jerome Fortier and camera by Jake Fuller. Prm:  Stuttgart, 1990.

M. My Dear, a ballad for jazz violin, guitar and bass (1985).  Prm:  Yuri Beliavski, violin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1985.

Windsuck, sound sculpture created in collaboration with Steve Pevnick.  First exhibition: Milwaukee Art Museum, 1985.

Three Visions of Age, collaborative composition for digital synthesizers and instruments, with Jon Welstead and Joel Thome.  Prm:  Milwaukee Art Museum, 1985.

Yigdal, for cantor and choir followed by an organ variation.  Prm:  Jewish Composers Festival of liturgical music, Milwaukee, 1985.

Augentanz (Eyedance) and Galgenlied (Hangman’s Song) from Celan Ensembles for tenor and instruments (1986-).  Prm:  Daniel Nelson, tenor, Pavel Burda, conductor, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1987.

In Madness There Is Order from Celan Ensembles, for voice, projections and synthesizers (1988).  Prm:  Daniel Nelson, voice, Y. Yannay, synthesizer, projection art,  Marie Mellott.  Prm:  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1988.

In Between Us, collaborative composition with Jon Welstead, for computer, synthesizers and electronics( 1989). Prm:  Madison, Wisconsin.

Spiegeltanz (Mirrordance) from Celan Ensembles, for voice, horn, and 2 marimbas (1989).  Prm:  Kathleen Matts, voice, Y. Yannay, conductor, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1992.  Prm:  Of  instrumental version by “Archaeus”  ensemble, Bacau, Romania, 1992.

Duo for flute and cello (1991).  Prm:  Carol Meves, flute, Carina Voly, cello, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1991.

The Oranur Experiment (1991-) Part I:  “Journey to Orgonon” a music video, collaboration with Jerome Fortier.  Prm:  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1993.

Tableau One:  “…in sleep one often finds solutions…” (from journey to Orgonon) for actor, projections and synthesizers (1992), collaboration with J. Fortier and M. Mellott.  Prm:  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1992.

In Madness There Is Order, music video version by J. Fortier, projections, M. Mellott, (1992).  Prm:  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1992.

Violoncello Solo for “I can’t fathom it” (1993) for projection theater by Marie Mellott. Prm:  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1993.

Five Pieces for Three Players for soprano saxophone, clarinet and marimba, (1994). Prm:  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1994.

Playing for Peace (1994) for three-part violin ensemble. Prm:  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1995.

Exit Music At Century’s End (1995) for chamber orchestra. Prm:  Cleveland Chamber Symphony, Edwin London, conductor, Cleveland, Ohio, 1996.

Loose Connections (1996) for clarinet, clarinet and double-bass. Prm: Hammond, LA., 1999

Tangoul Mortii (Tango of Death) for contrabass solo (1996) Prm: Michael Cameron, Urbana, IL. 1997

Go Fearing for solo voice (1996), music for “Geometry of Aloneness.” a multimedia work by Marie Mellott Prm: Milwaukee, WI. 1998

Tangoul Mortii (Tango of Death) version for cello solo (1997) Prm: Paul Gmeinder, Milwaukee, 1998

Tangoul Mortii (Tango of Death) version for viola  solo (1997) Prm: Yossi Gutmann, Berlin, 2013

Wilhelm Reich: Journey to Orgonon a documentary opera on CD-ROM in collaboration with Jerome Fortier (1997)

“Traum ist von Tat nicht so verschieden..” (Dream and action are not so apart…) for tape and speaker (1998) Prm: Berlin, 1998

Percussion Fountain, (1998) sound sculpture in collaboration with Stephen Pevnick First exhibition: Crossman Galleries, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, 1998

Marrakesh Bop for microtonal flute and guitar (1999) Prm: Lisa Goethe, flute, Paul Bowman, guitar, Chicago, 1999

Radiant, Inner Light for speaker, musical saw, metal percussion, percussion fountain, projections and calligrams (1998-2000).  Percussion instruments built in collaboration with Stephen Pevnick and calligrams created in collaboration with Marie Mellott Prm: The Haggerty Museum of Arts, Milwaukee, 2000

Piano Portfolio I for solo piano (1994-2000), a collection of six compositions Prm: Thomas Moore, Milwaukee, 2003

My Main Squeeze for trumpet, accordion and cello (2000)

Trio for violin, cello and piano (2001) Prm: Eugene Purdue, violin, Paul Gmeinder, cello, Milton Peckarsky, piano

The One-Legged Dancer (2001) for toy piano (accordion or harpsichord) Prm: Josh Schmidt, Urbana, IL, 2001

Visions of Y for viola and piano (2002) Prm: Sally Chisholm, viola, Cathy Kautsky, piano, Milwaukee, 2004

Piano Concerto (2002) for solo piano and 15 instruments Prm: Cristian Niculescu, piano, Cleveland Chamber Symphony, Virko Bailey cond. (2003)

Three Organic Pieces for organ (2004) Prm: Gary Verkade, Pitea, Sweden, 2005

Hornology for French horn (2004) Prm: Greg Flint, Milwaukee, 2006

Piano Transplant (co-composed with Josh Schmidt) (2004)

Double Transplant for piano (2004) Prm: Josh Schmidt, Milwaukee, 2005

Nächliche Stunde (“Hour of the Night”) for voice solo or with any accompaniment  on poem by Karl Kraus (2005). Prm: New Music Hartford, CN., 2008

Insomnia in Havana, a theater piece for percussionist/actor, live electronics and projections(2005) Prm: Steven Butters, percussion, Dale Kaminski, projections, Yehuda Yannay, Electronics, Milwaukee, 2005

Rhapsody for Alto Saxophone and Wind Ensemble (2005) Prm: Jonathan Helton, alto saxophone, Center for New Music at the University of Iowa, David Gompper, cond.2006

Psalm for a melody instrument and piano (2006), completion of an unfinished composition by Alexander  U. Boskovich from 1962 for oboe and harpsichord Prm. William Helmers, clarinet, Jayne Latva, piano, Milwaukee, 2008

Bayannayab(Choral) for two bayans or accordions (2006) Prm: Stas Venglevski, Friedrich Lips, bayans, Milwaukee, 2006

Only Gestures, electronic music for a video installation piece by Marie Mellott (2006) YouTube (2007) Selected by Google for honors in art videos

Nuances Argentées(Shades of Silver) for recorded voice and flute orchestra of 24 players (2006) Prm: Sarah Kozar, recorded voice, L’Orchestre des Flûtes Français, Pierre-Alain Biget, cond. Paris, 2007

Three Hebrew Aphorisms  from the Mishna and the Talmud for Five-part unaccompanied mixed chorus(2007) Prm: Indiana U. Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, Carmen Tellez, cond. Chicago,2010

Traum ist von Tat nicht so verschieden..”(Dream and action are not so apart…) for tape and speaker (1998)     Prm: Berlin, 1998

Note Traffic for violin and cello (2008) Prm: Mari-Liis Pakk, violin, Jason Calloway, cello, Philadelphia, 2009

Bayanette for Two (2009) for two bayans(accordions) or bayan and piano, Stas Venglevski, bayan, Dana McCormick, piano, 2011

The Bogen Songs(2010), Six pieces for voice, flute, clarinet in Bb, violoncello and accordion,  Prm: Milwaukee, 2012

A Noiseless Patient Spider for women’s choir or eight solo voices a cappella. Dance Video version (2010) . Peter Sparling, video and choreography, Prm: Paris, 2010

Suite for Mandolin and Accordion (2011) Prm: Michael Litwin, mandolin, Stas Venglevski, bayan, Milwaukee, 2012

Plus Avec Moins(PAM)-More From Less(MFL) (2012) for solo accordion and 24 flutes. Prm: Stas Vengelvski, bayan, L’Orchestre des Flûtes Français, Paris, 2012

Midwest Mythologist (2012) theater piece for a pianist. Prm. Jeri-Mae Astolfi, piano, Oshkosh WI, 2012

Three Postcards from Paris (2012) an excerpt from Midwest Mythologist.Prm. Jeri-Mae Astolfi, piano, Whitewater WI, 2015

Two Alleys in Old Tel-Aviv  (2013) for string quartet. Prm. Gutmann-Maile Ensemble Berlin, Berlin 2017.

Incipit Vita Nova (2013) for accordion, Stas Venglevski, bayan. Prm: Milwaukee, 2013

Aprés Rameau: Les Poulets de Mequon/The Chickens of Mequon (2013) for 2 pianos. Prm: Cristian Niculescu, Victor  Nicoara, pianos, Berlin, 2013.

Beware of Poison Mushrooms! (2013) Seven Illustrated Aphorisms and Short Stories by Roland Lampe. Prm: Andreas Neufert, voice, Yehuda Yannay, piano, Berlin, 2013

The Exquisite Viola (2013) for viola solo. Prm: Yossi Gutmann, viola, Berlin, 2017.

Aprés Rameau: Les Poulets de Mequon/The Chickens of Mequon (2014) for bayan and piano, Prm: Stas Venglevski, bayan, Dana Mc Cormick, piano, Milwaukee, 2014

Bits into Pieces (2014) for piano and iPad electronics. Prm: Jeri-Mae Astolfi, Whitewater, WI. 2015

The Wheel of Light (2014) for three choral or solo voices.

Delirium Dance Trip (2015) for piano

L’Art pour La Tarte v. “Chicago 2015” (2015) an eating event. Prm: Matthias Kaul, Lüneburg, Germany

Summer Ostinato (2015) for two accordions

Tandem Piece (2015) for French horn and accordion. Prm: Greg Flint, French horn, Stas Venglevski, bayan, Milwaukee, 2017

The Center Does Not Hold (2016)  for saxophone quartet. Prm: Ancia Saxophone Quartet, Minneapolis, MN, 2017

Mayeem (Water) for five-part mixed choir (SSATB), harmonicas and melodicas. Prm.: University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Chamber Choir, 2016

The Exquisite Bassoon (2017) Prm: Monte Perkins, Milwaukee, 2017

Berlin Music (2018) for string trio (violin, viola, cello) Prm: Gutmann-Maile Ensemble Berlin, Berlin, 2018

In Conclusion (2018) for accordion and piano Prm: Stas Venglevski, bayan, Jeri-Mae Astolfi, piano, 2019

Janus (2020) Chamber Symphony for 13 players Prm: UMZE Ensemble  Gregory Vajda, cond. Budapest,2020

Kaddish for Yossi (2020) Recitative and Postlude for violin and piano Prm: Hans Male, violin, Sawami Kiyoshi, piano, Berlin, 2020

Fantasietta (2020) for piano or accordion Prm: Stas Venglevski, Bayan, Superior, WI. 2020

Piece for Pianist Pondering Pandemics (2020) Prm: Yehuda Yannay, piano, Milwaukee, WI. 2020

Sixty Seconds Before Diving (2020) for voice and piano,